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Maybe it is lame to quote Oprah, but I'm desperatly hopeful
that she's right. This blog is really to try to deter the premature insanity that was beginning to emerge while I am learning web design, and following my passions. If you have a strong stomach, and good sense of humor, or are one of my friends or family (not optional for that group) please enjoy the ride.
The story starts with post #1, and continues to present day. I will keep you posted (pun intended), with the lasted chapter daily. Also, I will share my reviews of the books I escape with along the way.
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winter Book Challenge

In 1965, when Richard and Robert Sherman wrote "It's a Small World" for Disney, it was more than a decade before computers were even available for home use. They could not even have imagined the world of the web. I am humbled, and reminded how amazingly huge the world wide web actually is, of course, after many many hours of surfing blogs, and book sites. My head was spinning.
Then, I was blessed by a comment, and invite by a fellow lit blogger from Karlene at InkSplasher http://inksplasher.blogspot.com/. Questions answered, and information offered, all free of charge out of "small world" type kindness. That is so refreshing, and motivating!
I also joined the Winter Reader's Challenge on InkSplasher, for a goal of reviewing every book I read for the 12 weeks of winter. The directions are actually to make your own goal and list of books to be read during the twelve weeks of winter. I actually have a to be read pile that spans the next 12 months at least, I am making three different, but related goals.

  1. To read a book a week for those twelve weeks of winter so a total of 12 books.
  2. To blog a review of each of those books.
  3. Stop putting the non-fiction books to the bottom of the pile, and try to learn something useful!

The second one really makes the challenge, since I don't really need much arm twisting to read a book a week. Interesting, quality reviews, of all those books, there in lies my challenge.

Wish me luck, and feel free to join in the fun! There are prizes involved, so sign up quick!

Now, I am off to finish my links list so I can get the blog out of it's construction phase, oh and read my weekly book, "If You Could See Me Now" by Cecelia Ahern.


Karlene said...

Here are images and instructions for adding the Winter Reading Challenge images to your blog.

Booklover said...

Thank you very much! I will add it now! I also joined the buzz, thank you for the invite! I am getting the groove going now I think!