"What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come." Oprah
Maybe it is lame to quote Oprah, but I'm desperatly hopeful
that she's right. This blog is really to try to deter the premature insanity that was beginning to emerge while I am learning web design, and following my passions. If you have a strong stomach, and good sense of humor, or are one of my friends or family (not optional for that group) please enjoy the ride.
The story starts with post #1, and continues to present day. I will keep you posted (pun intended), with the lasted chapter daily. Also, I will share my reviews of the books I escape with along the way.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Photoshop Wins This Round

Yes that is right folks, in a head to head heat: its Photoshop 1 Booklover 0!
After a brutal fight lasting more than 5 hours, and 12 rounds Photoshop comes out the clear winner. Booklover has just embarrassed herself. Clearly she didn't have the serious training she needed to endure a battle with the powerhouse. She must of thought that she was working the ring with paint or draw, or on of those other light weights. She has to accept that she is now in the super heavy weights, and these programs come to the table with more power than most can imagine. Even seasoned professionals have to have serious training to get the likes of a giant like photoshop to do what they want. So it is back to the drawing board for Booklover. In a press conference after the fight, she looked worse for the wear, and beaten. However, her spirit was not broken. She said "Photoshop has won this battle, but not the war! I'll beat you next time photoshop, and then you will go down, and submit to my will!" She was shaking, and seemed slightly delirious, so we wish her a speedy recovery, and look forward to that next round!