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Friday, March 14, 2008

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

"Live, Love, Laugh" I have been fond of this way of thinking for years. Should I say before it became a decorating technique? When I opened up my Oprah magazine and found a small excerpt with Elizabeth Gilbert's new book "Eat, Pray, Love", I was intrigued to see if she thought in a way that might change my way of thinking. Who wouldn't want to include eating in their passions? The small excerpt was interesting and left me wanting to read more. The next day I rushed out to get this new book. It was only in hardback at the time so it was definitely a sacrifice for me to pay extra to read a book by an author that I knew nothing about. To my surprise, the book was great. I really enjoyed Elizabeth's journey and she kept my interest with the small story about the "guy from Texas". I read to the end hoping to find out the Texan was my neighbor or even our governor. Needless to say, she kept it a secret and probably for good reason. If it would have been Matthew McConaughey I would have been booking a trip to a Budhist retreat.

About a year later I heard Oprah announce a new book that "Will Be Life Changing". I had to have that book! I watched anxiously awaiting my life change. If reading a book was going to change a life then I am all into a good read! To my surprise the book that I had read so long ago was the life changing book she was talking about. I am not sure that "Eat, Love, Pray" was life changing for anyone but Elizabeth Gilbert or someone that was inspired to move to another country to find something to change your life but it was a good read and definitely made you think about what is really important in your life. It was a book that I passed on and recommended to others but I didn't give any promises with my suggestions. I hope you enjoy!


tufts said...

As an educated and accomplished woman whose life hasn't always been easy, I found Eat, Pray,Love to be disappointingly superficial. I listened on audiotape and found her words and her voice to be representative of just another lightweight woman whose thought are not very original. I've certainly experienced many of the same types of trauma as she, (or as she would write "as her") but, would I find myself shaking uncontrollably in a friend's bathroom during an art opening because the friend was juggling a new baby and a marriage and a career? I think E. Gilbert has some serious neuroses and is just another example of the "me, me, me, it's all about me" syndrome of the boomer generation.

Also, anyone who seeks spiritual enlightenment and becomes closely connected to light and life would not be eating veal i Italy.

What a disappointment!
Nanette Leslie-Tufts

Booklover said...


I am so glad that you found my blog,
and Micah (luvyaduvya), and I have had a similar conversation about this book. She posted the review.
Also, I would like to invite you to the main site, and where this blog has moved. (I didn't redirect since the integrity of the blog what changed with the move) We can be found at www.ijustfinished.com and www.ijsutfinished.com/blog. We would love to have have you in our conversation. It is nice to have an honest opinion when talking about books.

:-d said...


I know someone who is reading that book :)


HPno11 said...

I have just started reading this book and found it inspiring. Like the author, I love enjoying delicious dishes, I like traveling outside to discover something inside, and I am interested in meditation to find peace in my soul. I think woman should read this book to grasp the point that: There are many options for her to choose, not just marriage and accept her "traditional" life.