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Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Newfound BEA Coolness Factor

There are lots of really cool things that happened at Book Expo America 2008. I will blog about them over the next weeks I am sure, after my brain can catch up with the weekend, but I obsessed over one minor selfish tidbit.

I know it will seem silly to most of you, but when you have a name like Giroux, no one ever pronounces it correctly, and I never, ever meet anyone else with the same name. The way that most people get "oh, I know a Smith in your area, any relation?" after you rintroduce yourself, that never, ever happens to me. Most people just try to ignore the weirdness, after mutilating the pronunciation of my name.

Except at Book Expo! Know why? Cause Giroux is the last part of Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux a HUGE publishing house. If you ever notice on your books, many of them are published by F,S, & G as they are commonly known. So as soon as I (well, me and 25 thousand other people) walked in to the trade show floor, what did I see....


Yep that is right, my last, Giroux, name big and bold, on the GIANT banners with lighting, and a gorgeous booth, and general coolness all the way around!!! So there, Spencer Anderson for making fun of me in the 6th grade, see, my name is cool! (yeah Dad, this post is for you too! See, we rock!)