"What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come." Oprah
Maybe it is lame to quote Oprah, but I'm desperatly hopeful
that she's right. This blog is really to try to deter the premature insanity that was beginning to emerge while I am learning web design, and following my passions. If you have a strong stomach, and good sense of humor, or are one of my friends or family (not optional for that group) please enjoy the ride.
The story starts with post #1, and continues to present day. I will keep you posted (pun intended), with the lasted chapter daily. Also, I will share my reviews of the books I escape with along the way.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dreaming in HTML

Yesterday I had web design class. This was not just any class. It was as my teacher put it "down and dirty" coding. I admit it, I have been avoiding the code aspects of learning to design websites, cause it is very intimatating to me. I never really grasped math concepts, so when I see math problems on paper, they all just sort of jumble, and I am overwhelmed. Well, that is how code seems to me, also. Just jumbling of symbols, and letters, that I did not have the answer key to understand. I like the creative side of designing the web sites, but I really wanted nothing to do with the coding of it all. Robert (my teacher) has other views. He creates sites in code, and feels that you have to know code to make clean, error free, compatible sites. He also was on to my stalling, and said, no more excuses, you're not getting out of it, You are going to learn how to code in HTML.
So, I cussed my self for this crazy web design career idea, and went to class. Poor Robert spent most of the class explaining everything four or five times. Occassionally he had to draw pictures for me, since I am a visual person. He would say "do you follow me?" I think to be nice, and I would say "no", so he would start all over. He was very gracious. Me, I would have quit on the spot, and said "lady, go back to nursing "cause they don't make web design in special ed, and you are hopeless". but he did not. So after a mind numbing two hours I finally understand the BASICS of HTML. More importantly I have pages of notes that I can refer back to when I forget what the heck I am doing.
Now, you are wondering what does that have to do with the photo? Well, since it was an exhausting day, I went to bed early, hence no post yesterday. Instead of resting, my brain decided to review, and assimilate all the information into my dreams, so I woke up this morning exhausted, having dreamt all night about code, in code, and with code. Sometimes it was the background of my dreams, sometimes the foreground, but it was all night, code, code, code.
Normally, this kind of thing would cause me to panic some, for fear that I might be in need of some professional help, but this time I am going to take it as a good sign. Maybe some foreshadowing that I am going to understand, and that my old brain is working extra hard to learn something new. If I start speaking in code, then i will go ahead with the original idea of some professional help.
Oh, and yes, since learning the basics of code, I was able (with Robert's help) to remodel the blog. That is something that i have been wanting to do since I started it, but wasn't sure how. I hope you all like it. Now it is more reflective of the I just finished site, and not so brown. Enjoy!


tinkerbellehell said...

I love the lighter airy colors! I think that HTML is just like any other language and the fact that you have begun dreaming in another language is GREAT!!! What a break through. You will be conversant in no time at all; watch out world, soon you will be fluent in another language. Congratulations.
PS - Thanks for the Celcelia Ahern tip. I had not ever heard of her, but due to your inclusion of her on your list I decided to read one of her novels. Yeah!! I loved it.

Booklover said...

Wow!!! How cool, i love that you read based on my suggestion. She was clever, right?
About the HTML, I need to amend the post, I was telling my teacher about the dreaming, and he said welcome to web designers' world, that dreaming in code is part of being in the club.
And, thanks for noticing the color changes, that is actually the background for the I just finished site, so i wanted to have them match. I think the launch is right around the corner, so keep watching. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it. Any book/author suggestions?

Naomi said...

Nice blog. Keeps all of us up todate on the adventure into WebWorld. So glad it's you and not me. I've never been go with languages.

Wonder when you'll have time to read??