"What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come." Oprah
Maybe it is lame to quote Oprah, but I'm desperatly hopeful
that she's right. This blog is really to try to deter the premature insanity that was beginning to emerge while I am learning web design, and following my passions. If you have a strong stomach, and good sense of humor, or are one of my friends or family (not optional for that group) please enjoy the ride.
The story starts with post #1, and continues to present day. I will keep you posted (pun intended), with the lasted chapter daily. Also, I will share my reviews of the books I escape with along the way.
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Monday, February 18, 2008

"Between the Tides" by Patti Callahan Henry

Catherine's life was shaped by one tragic event and the memory she had of that defining day. Her father's sudden passing left her to fulfill his last wishes. In an attempt to honor her father she is finally release from the stronghold that the tragedy had over her and her ability to love or be loved. She revisits the life she loved as a child and is shocked to discover the love her old friends and aquaintances still feel for her. Cappy relives the tragic memory and is exposed to the truth surrounding her families sudden move from the Lowcountry that she felt so secure in. When her life seems to be falling apart around her she is pleasantly suprised by the love from her past that still lingers. Patti Callahan Henry took me on the most descriptive journey throught the Lowcountry and the ways of life in the small Southern community. I was completely consumed by the scenery and the hospitality of each character. The book left me wanting to pack my bags and drive to the coast for the weekend.