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Thursday, September 4, 2008

New book trends: The Digi Novel

A perk of becoming a book world insider is that you get tons of info on the book world. I really had no idea, although I am not sure why it never crossed my mind, books are like any other industry, there are behind the scenes things going on all the time. One of the cool things that I have begun to notice are the cool new trends in the publishing world, and I thought instead of just making a note in my head, "oh, that is a cool idea" I would make them a new segment here. That way you all can enjoy the new trends as well, or at least become aware of them and decide what you think. I'd love to hear either way, what you think about them, and if you are buying in or opting out...

Here is the latest on that has gotten my attention:

The Digi Novel
This is ever book lovers fantasy, the mystery novel (series) will be accompanied with movie footage. Not in the usual way however. You read the book, then you have codes to unlock the footage on a website to watch the movie, and get more of the story. Kind of like the old choose your own adventure books, but much more. Then there will be interactive communities built around the books. Both Dutton, and Scholastic are launching their own type or version of the idea, but I can tell you that id done well, these could be a really cool new trend.

Here is an article explaining more details in Publishers Weekly about the Dutton deal.

I will keep adding new trends installments along with the Ijustfinished.com story, thanks for following along!